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About Us

Trinity Manor Farm is one of Jersey’s most prestigious dairy farms, with a long and successful history as an on-going farm dating back to the 16th Century.

The family-owned farm comprises 170 acres of private estate in the heart of the parish of Trinity, Jersey. It’s home to over 600 award-winning, pedigree Jersey cows producing over 2.80 million litres of high-grade quality milk annually.

We are proud to be leading the way in Jersey’s dairy farming community. A multi-million pound investment in the farm’s infrastructure and facilities aimed at enhancing the herd’s welfare and environment was completed in September 2019, with further investment continuing annually.

And it’s been quite
a journey so far...

Major improvements to the farm were being planned and implemented in 2018 when we merged our herd with Chalet Farm in St John, almost doubling our headcount of milking cattle to 400. We had to quickly integrate them into the herd and fit the infrastructure and equipment improvements in at the same time! 

Herd of Cows
Milking station at Trinity Manor Farm

This included massive investment in new buildings, including a new 28,900 sq ft cattle shed to house the herd and a 6,000 sq ft food and multi-purpose store. A new state-of-the-art milking parlour with 40 feeding and milking stations that calculate exactly how much food is required whilst assessing the health of each cow has also been installed, together with two slurry tanks holding 360,000 gallons each and a new 12,000 litre milk tank to cool and store our milk.

We’ve also invested in an impressive 15,100 sq ft feeding clamp, which stores food for the cows that has been harvested from our fields for the winter.

A new 9 tonne food mixer has also been purchased that allows us to measure the amount of food mixed. This means we can provide the herd with the best possible diet to help further improve milk yields.

Herd Feeding - Trinity Manor Farm
Herd of Cows relaxing - Trinity Manor Farm

Our priority with this investment is to ensure our cows have a happy and healthy living environment. This includes layered mattresses for them to sleep on, back scratchers and massage facilities, easy to reach feeding stations with just the right amount of feed for them, sheds that circulate air to keep them cool, two-tone lighting in the milking parlour, and much more. 

We engaged with leading dairy consultants Kite Consulting for advice on optimum feeding solutions and on improving and maintaining the health of the herd, whilst The Dairy Group advised on equipment and dairy production.

We also have a dedicated vet who inspects our cows and provides regular individual reports on their health and well-being.

Close up of a cows eye - Trinity Manor Farm

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