Herd Welfare

The welfare and living environment of our 600 cows is our highest priority.

Our cows enjoy being pampered and we’ve invested in their well-being by installing back scratchers and massage facilities, layered mattresses and easy to reach feeding stations.

The cows are milked twice a day through a 40-station parlour, which provides a feeding station with the exact amount of food each individual cow needs. This is carried out through a system that allows farm staff to digitally monitor and evaluate a cow’s health.

Herd Welfare - Trinity Manor Farm

Our enormous new 28,900 sq ft shed features specially designed air corridors for cooling the cows down and will soon include an impressive artwork installation.

These changes have been implemented with the help of leading UK dairy consultants, Kite Consulting and The Dairy Group. They’ve assessed everything from the type and amount of food we give our cows, to how they’re housed, to the effects of lighting, to the way we walk them around the farm. The level of detail has produced impressive results in terms of yield and quality of milk production.

The aim with our herd is to breed healthy happy cows which will live longer and be more productive. 

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