Our Environment - Leaf &
Red Tractor

We are proud to be a LEAF accredited member farm and we are working towards becoming marque certified. LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) is a farm assurance system that means we farm with care and sustainability for the future of our animals, environment, wildlife and countryside.

The LEAF organisation aims to deliver sustainable food and farming by working in partnership with farmers, the food industry, scientists and consumers to enrich the environment and engage local communities.

All farms certified to the LEAF Marque standard care for the environment for example by:

  • Providing a variety of habitats and food sources for wildlife by carefully managing hedgerows 
  • Keeping the soil in good health by using crop rotations 
  • Creating and enhancing habitats to increase biodiversity
  • Using fertilisers and plant protection products only when absolutely necessary
  • Leaving a corridor between crops and hedgerows to act as habitat for wildlife
  • Recycling on-farm waste and conserving energy and continually assessing the environmental impact of farming practices
  • Improving water efficiency and quality

For more information on LEAF, visit leafuk.org

Trinity Manor Farm provides milk to Jersey Dairy and we are Red Tractor certified and audited by Red Tractor on an annual basis.

The Red Tractor logo allows people to recognise food that has been produced to high standards across the whole length of the food chain: from cow to carton. It ensures that food is traceable, safe to eat and that it has been produced responsibly. 

Red Tractor standards cover animal welfare, food safety, traceability and environmental protection.

For more information on Red Tractor, visit redtractor.org.uk

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